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Follow that thought

Bring your ideas to life in all their messy glory. Paper鈥檚 perfectly-tuned tools make it easy to sketch, type, paint, draw 鈥 wherever your thoughts take you. Wave goodbye to distracting menus and let natural gestures guide you, keeping you in your creative flow.

The quickest way to collage

Add multiple photos to a single page and cut, stick, move and fix without the fuss of complex layers. From mood boards to storyboards, pull in inspiration from anywhere and get ideas flowing.

Sketch with confidence

Paper snaps rough sketches into shape, from straight edges to perfect circles. Use one of our templates to set things up or simply see where a blank page takes you.

Your ideas, your way

At work, at home, on the go 鈥 wherever and however you get your ideas, it鈥檚 never been easier to put them on paper. Organize pages into beautiful journals and sync them across your devices, ready to pick up where you left off.

Available for iPhone and iPad